You want to be happy & healthy

Meaning you want to feel vital, energetic and rejuvenated from the moment you open your eyes in the morning. You’re committed to a healthy lifestyle but you’re not exactly sure what this entails or how to make it happen. You’re not interested in patching up your symptoms with medications, rather than getting to the root of it. Or you’re  overwhelmed or confused with the self-help advice available online.

Welcome to a growing tribe of wellness seekers finding answers in both traditional and unexpected places.


Hi, I’m Lineke 

After studying the human body and psyche for over 20 years, both professionally and in my personal life, I’m more and more in awe with the miracle called “life”: the energy that courses through all of us living beings, and that has the power to create, regenerate, and heal – as long as we let it do its magic. As a healer and coach, I’m dedicated to supporting you to unlock this power,  so you can THRIVE in all aspects of your life!


“For the first time in my life I am understanding these key factors for integrated mind-body health, and you have been a tremendous instrument in delivering this to me in a way that I (and many people) can actually understand.  It’s one thing to be “told” something, but being informed in a way that one “understands” is much more empowering…engendering ownership of ones health.  I am very grateful for having crossed paths and for all that I have (and am) learning!”


“Lineke is an amazing health care provider with an impressive dedication and a very giving and warm hearted personality. Her profound knowledge and holistic approach helped me getting another type of access to medical care, which a traditional family physician typically doesn’t cover. I always felt that my case is the primary focus and that Lineke has an interest in making a change to the better in people’s lives.”


I can hardly believe the synchronicity
That has brought me to this place I am
From the place of aloneness on a walk toward freedom
I recognise I was never alone
From the surreal of all that is around me
I am the observer of the movement
Of the ebb and the flow
To the recognition of the particles of love around me
In every breath I breathe
I have never been alone
A well of gratitude swells up in my chest
Upon the blessing of the darks spaces
that cause me to search for this realization
That draw me inwards and as an explosion thrust me out into the light
I will honour both the darkness and the light
And all the ‘star launchers’ that have entered my life
Will be added to the many patches of the quilt that is my life
On my journey to my place in the awesomeness of all that is
I will never be alone.

Always know that you are one of my ‘star launchers’


Thriving happens when you live a life of purpose and vitality, in harmony with your inner and outer world.

Are You Ready To Thrive?