The Master Your Mind online program brings together tools and strategies derived from Mindfulness Based Modalities, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Googles acclaimed Search Inside Yourself course.

The program consists of 8 weekly sessions, which include a 1-hour video consult, complimented with high quality guided meditation audio recordings, and handouts providing you with session summaries, case studies, worksheets and home practices to support the integration of newly learned skills into daily life.

I highly recommend booking an initial intake visit prior to commencing this course. During this intake, you will be screened for nutrient deficiencies, toxin exposure and other lifestyle related influences on your brain chemistry that affect mood and cognitive functioning. Recommendations may be made to offset identified imbalances, including nutrition and supplementation, sleep support, detoxification, etc. Participants of this program will receive a 50% discount on an initial intake when purchased simultaneously with the program.

Session topics include:

  • The science of mindfulness
  • Becoming More Resilient – working skillfully with barriers
  • Strengthening Willpower/Self-Regulation
  • Mindfulness: The Foundation of Emotional Intelligence
  • Changing habitual habits that hold you back
  • Embracing Change
  • Dealing with / preventing burnout
  • Creating positive mind-sets
  • Stress management and improving sleep quality
  • Living mindfully & generating “Self-Care”.
  • Conscious communication