There’s a force within which gives you life.

That same force that has the power to heal you when you’re injured or ill. As long as we allow this life-force (or Qi, Chi or Prana) to flow freely and nourish its flame, it can do its healing job. Regardless of what’s keeping you from thriving, the first step towards greater wellbeing starts with identifying factors that block, or deplete you of your life-force energy.

I offer comprehensive health & wellness plans which include 3 general (overlapping) area’s of evaluation and intervention ~ all of which affect your life-force energy:

  1. The Body, or physical plane: activities & chemicals you need (i.e. sleep, nutrients), and those you’ll want to avoid (i.e. toxins).
  2. The Mind, or mental-emotional plane: the thoughts, beliefs, and neural pathways which drive your behaviour and mood.
  3. The Soul, or spiritual plane: your sense of purpose and fulfilment in, and connection to life.